Ted, Harrogate

Following the loss of his son, Ted from Harrogate drank heavily, both at home and outside of the house. He felt he needed the alcohol, but he came to the realisation it wasn’t helping, in fact it was making him worse.

“I lost my son and that was difficult for a while. Drinking used to make me miserable all the time and sad. So, I decided to knock the drink on its head, and it seemed to help. I didn’t feel as bad.”

“You don’t forget losing a son, but you learn, eventually to live with it. I still speak to him every day, but I don’t take a drink every day.”

Cutting down on alcohol has shown Ted his limits. It’s not just helped with his mental health but helps him to feel fresher in the morning too.

“I feel a lot better since cutting down drinking, I still take the occasional drink, I just know when to stop.

I wake up in the morning and I feel fine and my head works perfectly, instead of having to wake up.” 

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