COVID hangover

COVID restrictions and lockdowns are well and truly behind us, and life is back to ‘normal’. Many of us increased the amount we were drinking during lockdowns, and this habit may have stuck since, so if you’re fed up of feeling foggy in the morning, of having broken sleep or lacking energy to do the things you love, we’re here to help. We want you to make the most of this new release to freedom by building a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Explore our pages dedicated to ways to help reduce or give up alcohol, like taking a break, having days off, shrinking the amount you drink, and even tips on how to talk to your friends about drinking less.

Time off from drinking alcohol can help you save money, sleep better and lose weight. There’s lots of advice and support out there to help you.

Try and Buy Less Alcohol

Set yourself a limit in your weekly shop, buy only that amount, and when it’s gone, it’s gone! Just make sure you don’t pop out again for more.

Alternate Alcoholic Drinks with Soft Drinks

When you’re at the pub, mix it up. This is a great way to manage your alcohol intake and it will help you to save money!

Try to Shrink Your Drink

Have a half-pint, a small glass or a single measure. That way you can still join in with friends but remain in control.
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Looking After Your Mental Health

The North Yorkshire Council have lots of way to support your mental wellbeing, from advice on preventing stress to encouraging mental wellbeing, including a quiz to assess your mood and sources of local support.
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Download the Drink Free Days App

The Drink Free Days app is a great way to help support your journey on drinking less. You can track the days that you drink or don’t drink alcohol. It shows you money and calories saved, offers practical advice and helps you stick to your drink free goal.
It could be harmful to your health to regularly drink more than:

  • Six medium glasses of wine or pints of beer a week*, or
  • Three medium glasses of wine or pints of beer (for women) or four medium glasses of wine or pints of beer (for men) on any single occasion*
  • Regularly drinking more than six medium glasses of wine or pints of beer a week increases your risk of cancer, heart disease and liver disease.

*This is based approximately on a medium glass of 11% wine (1.9 units) or a pint of 3.8% beer (2.2 units)

There is further information and tools and tips on the Drink Drug Hub website and the NHS Let’s Get Better website.

If you’re concerned about the amount you’re drinking, or if alcohol is negatively affecting your life, there are many ways to get help.

See Your GP

Your GP can talk with you about your concerns and tell you about the services and/or treatments that are available to you. Talking about alcohol to a GP can seem scary, but your GP is there to help you.

North Yorkshire Horizons

North Yorkshire Horizons are the local drug and alcohol recovery service, with hubs across the county. More information can be found on the North Yorkshire Horizons website. Call them on 08000 14 14 80 If you need help.

Contact Alcohol Helplines 

There are also a number of helplines that can be contacted for help:

  • Drinkline national alcohol helpline on 0300 123 1110
  • Alcohol Change UK helpline on 020 3907 8480
  • Alcoholics Anonymous helpline on 0800 9177 650
  • Al-Anon Family Groups helpline on 020 7403 0888