Shrink Your Drink

A great way to reduce your alcohol content is by shrinking the size of your drinks. It’s easy to overpour your measures and this can add up.

For example: instead of having a full pint opt for a half pint. Or swap a normal glass of wine for a small glass or instead of doubles order singles. By being mindful of how much you’re pouring, you can still enjoy your favourite tipple, without the aftereffects the next day.

Another way to shrink your drink is by alternating your alcoholic drinks with a soft drink. Non-alcoholic drinks don’t have to be boring: you could opt for a mocktail or an alcohol-free cider or beer. That way you still get the taste without the alcohol.

By choosing to shrink your drink you will be saving money and calories – and you will wake up feeling fresher the next day.

Swap it out

When you’re doing your food shop, why not stock up on drinks that don’t contain alcohol. There are great varieties of alcohol-free beer, cider, wine and even prosecco in most chain supermarkets. This makes it easy to stick to your booze break, and you still get the same taste as alcoholic drinks. The good news is that most of these have about 1/3 of the calories, some even less, but it’s always worth checking!

Alcohol Free Options

Soft drinking is so much more than just a pint of coke these days! There’s more choice of alcohol-free wine, beer, spirits and cider than ever before, not to mention a huge range of soft drinks. Why not try creating your own mocktails – see which mixers go best with the alcohol-free spirits. Jazz it up with lots of ice and fruit and no one will know the difference! Or get your friends together for an alcohol-free wine tasting night?

Money talks

With the cost of living seemingly always going up and up, and impacting us all, one way we can save money is by reducing the amount of alcohol we drink. Research has shown that the average household in Yorkshire spends over £500 per year on alcohol, but like 20% of people if you’re having just two alcoholic drinks per night this would cost nearly £3000! Think of all the other things that you could do with all that money!