Local Stories

We’ve spoken with people all across North Yorkshire to understand their relationships with alcohol, as well as the reasons and ways that they’re changing their habits. Read some of these stories below.

If you have a story to share please email info@wakeupnorthyorks and tell us about how you improved your relationship with alcohol.


Twenty-year-old James from Scarborough is aware of the risks of drinking, having lost his brother to an alcohol-related accident when he was younger.



Chris used to drink fairly heavily in his younger days, but enjoys the countryside and being fit and healthy, which doesn’t fit with a drinking lifestyle.



Following the loss of his son, Ted from Harrogate drank heavily, both at home and outside of the house. He felt he needed the alcohol, but he came to the realisation it wasn’t helping, in fact it was making him worse.



Samantha used to drink at home most evenings. It was easy for her to drink half a bottle of brandy a week. Following the loss of her son, she carried on drinking, it helped to numb the pain. It didn’t help.

Ted & Samantha


Ted and Samantha from Harrogate regularly drank at home in the evenings. They drank with friends outside of the house too. Following the loss of their son, they started to drink more heavily. It became routine. They felt they needed it; the alcohol numbed the pain.