James, Scarborough

Twenty-year-old James from Scarborough is aware of the risks of drinking, having lost his brother to an alcohol-related accident when he was younger.

He enjoys drinking socially but like most young people, aspires to succeed in his career and save up for a house, something which drinking, and hangovers, don’t help with.


“When I go out, I like to stay in control and keep within my limits, when you take things too far, obviously that’s when accidents can happen.

When I was younger my big brother had an accident which unfortunately cost him his life and affected me and my family, so I need to stay safe.

I’ve got a good job and a new car which I’m paying for monthly. If I’m going out drinking and not turning up to work at the weekend, it’s causing me to lose money, which is putting me off drinking in the future, because I need money for things like saving up to buy a house.”

James has a few tips for staying in control of your drinking on a night out with your mates and avoiding hangovers.

“Take a break from drinking, go for a walk to the takeaway and get some chips or a drink of water or coke. It saves you from looking like an idiot, saves money and you don’t get that hangover the next day if you stop before you’ve taken it too far, so you’re not losing a day.”

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