Wake Up

Wake Up aims to encourage and inspire you to think about your drinking habits and enjoy alcohol safely.

The campaign features real stories from North Yorkshire people about how and why they manage their alcohol intake.

We want to motivate you to ‘Wake Up’ to a better you and embrace life without the hangover.

The campaign is based on research about drinking habits in North Yorkshire as well as the opinions of North Yorkshire residents.

Days Off

Alcohol can quickly become a part of your daily routine. A good way to take control of your drinking is to make sure that you have days off from alcohol. 

Shrink Your Drink

A great way to reduce your alcohol consumption is by shrinking the size of your drinks. By choosing to shrink your drink you will be saving money and calories and you will wake up feeling fresher the next day.

Take a Break

Some people find taking a break from booze altogether helps them ‘reset’ their relationship with alcohol for good. And it’s not just for ‘Dry January’ and ‘Sober October’ – you can do it at any time of year!

Drinking & Friends

If you choose to drink less with your family or friends, it means that you can support and encourage each other. Check out some of our ideas.

Local Stories

We’ve spoken with people all across North Yorkshire to understand their relationships with alcohol, as well as the reasons and ways they’re changing their habits.