Social Distancing

As lockdown eases and pubs, restaurants and bars start to reopen, you might be having more drinks with your friends and family. You might want to celebrate the easing of lockdown and being able to see your friends and family again.

Early evidence suggests that 1 in 5 people across the UK were drinking more than usual during lockdown. 

Research also suggests that some people were drinking less alcohol in lockdown; after all, there was less peer pressure to socialise with a drink.

But if you are drinking a little more than usual, or you think you might increase your alcohol intake because lockdown has eased, here’s some information, advice and a few suggestions.

Try to have at least two drink-free days each week. If you’re already doing this, how about taking an extra drink free day? Why not try the Drink Free Days app?

Alcohol might feel like the answer to stress and anxiety, but it never is. If you’re suffering from anxiety, low mood, depression or can’t sleep, North Yorkshire County Council’s Look After Your Mental Health page is a great place to start for help and advice.

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Looking After Your Mental Health

Find advice about preventing stress and encouraging mental wellbeing, including a quiz to assess your mood and sources of local support.

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Download the Drink Free Days App

The Drink Free Day app is a brilliant way to track the days that you drink or don’t drink alcohol. It shows you money and calories saved, offers practical advice and helps you stick to your drink free goal.

If you had a break from booze during lockdown, why not continue? Time off from drinking alcohol can help you save money, sleep better and lose weight. There’s lots of advice and support out there to help you. 

Try and buy less alcohol in your weekly shop. Set yourself a limit, buy only that amount, and when it’s gone, it’s gone! Just make sure you don’t pop out again for more.

Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks. This is a great way manage your alcohol intake and it will help you to save money!

Try to shrink your drink to half-pint, a small glass or a single measure. It’s easy to pour a large measure at home, so try to be aware of what you’re doing. Or, if you are at a pub or bar just ask the bartender for a single measure.

And remember, as lockdown eases, the advice on safer consumption of alcohol remains the same.

It could be harmful to your health to regularly drink more than:

  • six medium glasses of wine or pints of beer a week*, or
  • three medium glasses of wine or pints of beer (for women) or four medium glasses of wine or pints of beer (for men) on any single occasion*
  • Regularly drinking more than six medium glasses of wine or pints of beer a week increases your risk of cancer, heart disease and liver disease.

*This is based approximately on a medium glass of 11% wine (1.9 units) or a pint of 3.8% beer (2.2 units)

If you’re concerned about the amount you’re drinking, or if alcohol is negatively affecting your life, there are many ways to get help: 

See Your GP

Your GP can talk with you about your concerns and tell you about the services and/or treatments that are available to you. Talking about alcohol to a GP can seem scary, but your GP is there to help you. 

Contact Alcohol Helplines

If you prefer, you can contact one of the organisations below:

North Yorkshire Horizons helpline on 08000 14 14 80

Drinkline national alcohol helpline on 0300 123 1110

Alcohol Change UK helpline on 020 3907 8480

Alcoholics Anonymous helpline on 0800 9177 650

Al-Anon Family Groups helpline on 020 7403 0888